Program Spotlight: Project Management

Camera Operator, Editor

A feature encircling one of Ferris State University’s new academic programs, Project Management.

Celebrating President David Eisler

Camera Operator, Editor

A look back on the impactful career of David Eisler, president of Ferris State University from 2003 to 2022.

Program Spotlight: Surveying Engineering


A feature covering the Surveying Engineering program at Ferris State University, and talking to the people that make it thrive.

Ferris Asks: Russia Invades Ukraine

Camera Operator, Editor

Students of Ferris State University react to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Lou’s Gratitude

Producer, Writer, Camera Operator, Editor

A documentary about love, laughter, and loss, told by a family that experienced it all.

Ferris Asks: Valentine’s Day Plans


Students of Ferris State University share their plans for Valentine’s Day, and elaborate on the special people in their lives.

How To… Wax Your Skis

Camera Operator, Editor

Learn how to effectively wax and prepare your skis for the hill, with this instructional video.

College of Business Commercial

Writer, Camera Operator, Editor

A brief spot showcasing the College of Business at Ferris State University.

A Glance Around Campus

Producer, Camera Operator, Editor

The intro for the Fall 2021 season of Ferris State TV’s “FSU Student Life”.