About Me

I’m Trevor Timothy Walega.

Hello! It’s great to meet you. I’m a freelance writer, the current marketing director for Dive, an upcoming social media platform, and a lover of tech wherever it exists. This is the place to get to know me!

Throughout my life, I’ve always adored content creation. As early as middle school, I recall making YouTube videos about various games I enjoyed, to entertain my friends and family. This would evolve into more proper (while still amateur) productions in high school, and my enrollment at Ferris State University as a Television and Digital Media Production major, with a planned graduation in 2022.

During my junior year of college, I decided to try my hand on the platform Fiverr, first doing video editing, and then settling on scriptwriting, in which I quickly found success. This would later branch out into general writing, gaining me valuable experience in freelancing, before shifting my focus to a handful of long-term clients. Today, my writing covers several niches, including copywriting for Kickstarter campaigns, article production for a gaming brand, and scriptwriting for various YouTube channels.

On the side, I volunteer as the marketing director for Dive, a next-generation platform that aims to break the mold by focusing on privacy, uncompressed files, and intentional design. Managing the social media accounts, brainstorming engaging content to post on them, and overall pondering how Dive should be seen by the world, that’s my job. The site is launching late 2021.

In terms of hobbies, they all funnel into the umbrella of technology. I’ve been a huge geek for electronics as long as I’ve been alive, whether it’s smartphones, electric cars, or artificial intelligence, if you consider it to be tech, I probably love it. I’m also a huge believer in virtual reality’s future, owning an Oculus Rift S myself, and just overall wanting to see it improve and explode into the mainstream. Gaming also takes up a chunk of my free time, playing on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Feel free to get into contact with me via your preferred channel, if you want to work together or connect! Thanks so much for visiting my site!